Wedding Limo Services

Athens Wedding Limo Service has everything you need for the most important day in your life. Every tiny detail needs to be perfect. One of which is the car that drives the lovely bride to the ceremony. We are a provider of prime wedding cars and offer the best service available to make sure your wedding day is perfect and unique.

Do you have a corporate tour, business meeting, conference, or convention coming up? Let us provide personalized tours and transfer services tailored to the interests and incentives of the group. Whether you’re looking for private minibus tours, private transportation, or corporate entertainment, we can organize anything!


Looking for a last-minute private jet to take you from Athens to Mykonos over the weekend? No problem!
In need of a private yacht to be chartered for you over the weekend? You’ve got it!
Wanting to try the new Michelin-star restaurant in Athens? Your table is reserved for this evening.
Your company wants to provide concierge services to its employees as an extra benefit? Done!
It’s that easy.