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Once you have confirmed a reservation with us, you are legally bound to a contract with us.
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Please allow up between 1-2 business days for all email inquiry replies and service confirmations.
If you are a current client and your email requires immediate attention due to any emergencies, please indicate in the subject line: URGENT.


If you need to make CHANGES IN YOUR RESERVATION, please contact us as soon as possible.
FOR LAST MINUTE CHANGES such as change in pickup or arrival time, please inform us as soon as possible of the new information via Email, Telephone Call or Text Message, and include your full name on the reservation. If you email us, please mark URGENT in the subject line otherwise you may not receive a reply in time as emails are answered in order they are received. Emails marked URGENT receive priority and answered as quickly as possible. If you don’t hear from us in time, please call us instead as likely we may have not received your email. To avoid miscommunication which will result in incorrect service, we don’t advise making changes through 3rd party persons (concierge, driver, friends, and family). Last minute changes made less than 24 hours in advance are confirmed only upon availability.

The price of the tours includes private vehicle, English speaking Driver, wi-fi on board, Greece VAT tax, fuel, insurance, and parking fees.

Tour prices do not include entrance fees to monuments, museums, or any other sites visited, lunch, gratuities, or other client personal expenses, except otherwise stated.
Our vehicles are regularly maintained for optimal safety and performance, and  are up to industry standards. By booking any services via this website you accept that vehicles are mechanical objects subject to various unpredictable malfunctions that can happen unexpectedly during your service. At no time will you hold MiniBusAthens responsible or liable for any vehicle malfunctions mechanical or otherwise or issue public complaints for matters beyond our control.

In order to maintain a fresh and clean vehicle for all our clients to enjoy throughout the day, smoking, eating or drinking from cups or other open containers (cans or coffee cups) that are susceptible to spillage is not permitted inside the vehicles. Bottled beverages that can be closed tightly with a cap are welcomed. Please treat the vehicle with respect as to not cause any damage to it. Thank you for your comprehension.

For arrival transfers to Athens Airport, you must provide your flight number. We do not guarantee accuracy of service if you do not provide us with your correct flight Number.

Your driver will arrive at the Meeting Point for your airport pick up at your scheduled flight arrival time, according to the flight information provided to us by the airport and/or airline.
Please Note that in case the Meeting Point is crowded with other drivers or it is not possible for us to stand there, your chauffeur will still be in the general waiting area holding a sign with your name.
Drivers are not permitted to wait for clients in restricted areas such as baggage claim.

Your chauffeur will wait at the airport no more than 1 hour and 10 minutes after your flight’s arrival, unless you contact us regarding airport or luggage delays within the first hour. We will retain your driver longer than 1 hour and 10 minutes only if we are promptly notified of any arrival changes. We cannot guarantee car service if we do not hear from you within 1 hour of your flight ‘s arrival.

If your flight arrives unexpectedly much EARLIER than the originally scheduled arrival time you booked with us, you will be required to wait for the originally scheduled pick up time. There are cafes available near the Meeting Point where you may enjoy a coffee or pastry while you wait. We only guarantee service for the originally scheduled flight arrival time.

If your flight is cancelled, if you missed your flight, or will be arriving with a different flight and at a different time or different terminal, please call, e-mail or text message us at the number we provide you with updated information immediately.
Failure to notify us of any delays may result in our inability to provide you with car service. We do not provide service for cancelled flights.

If your flight arrives later than 1.5 hours of the original flight arrival time, or you experience luggage issues that delay your exit more than 1.5 hours from the arrival time, please note that we will provide airport pick up service only according to our availability and it may require that you wait for the first available driver to arrive at the airport if one is not available for your delayed arrival time. You will be informed of the estimated wait time in advance as we will do our utmost best to have a driver reach you as quickly as possible to minimize the wait.
We can only guarantee on-time service for the time originally booked time. For any last minute changes and delays, service will be provided upon availability.
If you arrive at the airport on a delayed flight and do not see a chauffeur at the Meeting Point with a sign bearing your name, please call us at the number you are provided with and we will send you our first available chauffeur. There are cafes at the Meeting Point areas where you may enjoy a beverage, pastry, and have a seat.

If at the airport you are unable to spot your driver, please do NOT exit or leave the airport. Call us at the number we provide you with and we will help you locate your driver, or vice versa. If you do not have an internationally operating cell phone, there are pay phones available inside the airport that are both coin and credit card operated.

Please be advised that legal speed on Greece’s highways/motorways may be higher than in many other countries. The standard legal speed on Greek motorways is 130 Km (80 miles per hour). Your chauffeur will safely obey the legal speed as electronic speed checks are implemented throughout by the state to catch speeders .
IMPORTANT: If legal driving speed makes you feel uncomfortable, it is your obligation to inform your driver, and if it is safe to drive at a lower speed your driver will oblige. It is important to note that driving far below the speed recommended by Greece state troopers (110-120 km) can become a traffic hazard as other vehicles try to overtake slower moving vehicles.

We do not tolerate inappropriate, abusive, rude, harassing, or disrespectful behavior by any passenger towards our drivers and staff either in person, over telephone or email. We reserve the right to refuse service at any time (including during transfer service) to any person we deem behaving inappropriately, is intoxicated by alcohol or illegal substances, excessively disturbs the chauffeur while driving in ways that could potentially present a safety risk.

We only accept passengers for shore excursions that are booked in advance. Any last minute additions to the number of passengers must be submitted at least 24 hours in advance so we can update your reservation and revise the new price of the tour. In order to comply with Port Authority and security, we can only transport the number of passengers declared in the reservation voucher we have to present when asked by security.

Tours offered are geared toward adult participants and interest as the content and commentary during driven tours and private guided tours may include subjects such as History, Ancient Athens, Architecture, Culture, and other subjects that children may or may not find interesting. The tours provided are not geared toward interests of children.
If you are interested in “kid friendly” activities we can suggest other venues you can explore separately during your stay in Athens that are more suitable for children. The tours we offer are rich in historical and cultural content that is most understood and appreciated by adults who share such interests.

Your driver will drop you off as close to the sites you are visiting as legally possible according to traffic laws of Athens. We cannot stop directly next to historic sites as it would be a traffic violation.

You are provided a private tour with a Driver who is NOT a Licensed Tour Guide and will not provide services of a guide.
Greece has strict laws and regulations in place to protect licensed tour guides, this it makes it unlawful for Tour Drivers to offer commentary about sites outside the vehicle. In order for us to comply with Hellenic laws, Tour Drivers may not tour our guests inside monuments and museums.
Your Tour Driver will provide limited some commentary and information only while at the vehicle.
Only licensed Tour Guides may accompany or guide you at the sites you visit.
* For your safety inside the vehicle, drivers provide commentary only when it is deemed safe to do so while driving. When your driver must concentrate during various driving conditions, please refrain from any distracting behavior as your safety during the tour is our top priority.
When it’s not possible to offer commentary while driving, the driver will provide commentary once the vehicle is stopped near the sites you will visit.

If you have preferences regarding A/C, heat, music, or typically experience motion sickness while driving, please feel free to let your driver know immediately so he can accommodate your needs. If you do not make your needs known to your driver he or she would not know in order to make your transfer more comfortable.
If you have difficulty hearing your driver speak, please ask him or her to speak louder.
Only licensed tour guides or licensed tour companions are lawfully permitted to use microphones and audio system inside the vehicle.

According to Greek law, professional drivers are permitted to use their hands free cell phones for work related issues. From time to time you driver may need to make and answer calls as it is part of our job.

If you are experiencing any issues or problems during the tour or transfer, please call us at the telephone number provided. If you do not have a working cell phone, please ask your driver to call the office from his cell phone so we can help you and resolve any issues you may be experiencing.
If you experienced any issues during your tour and did not call the company during the tour to rectify the situation, you agree to inform the company by email of the issues you experienced and allow the company reasonable attempts to resolve your issues satisfactorily before publishing any complaints anywhere publicly, including social sites, peer review sites, blogs, and any other areas on the Internet. If the company resolves your issues satisfactorily and the matter is resolved, you agree to refrain from publishing any negative comments, ratings, or reviews about MiniBusAthens on the internet or otherwise. Failure to honor this agreement is considered a violation of contract and the terms which you agreed prior to booking your service and entering a legal contract with MiniBusAthens.
If you have any questions regarding our Terms and Conditions or there is something you do not understand, please feel free to ask us via email at and we will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.
If you disagree with any parts of our terms of service, please DO NOT proceed to use this website.