Explore the most famous sights of ancient Greece on a full-day mythology-inspired tour. Ignite your imagination with mythical tales of the culture and history of Delphi. Learn about the Oracle, ancient ruins like the amphitheater, and the Temple of Apollo, and immerse yourself in local history.

We will depart from your accommodation in Athens and travel to Delphi, located on the spur of Mount Parnassus, in a luxury Mercedes minivan or minibus driven by an English-speaking escort/driver. On our way, we will admire the Greek countryside, colorful villages and we will take a short stop at Arachova, situated on the hills of the Parnassus Mountains, one of the most famous ski resorts in Greece, and you will immerse yourself in its picturesque atmosphere.

A short drive and we will cross into the land of King Oedipus, a tragic mythical hero whose fate was determined after receiving a message from the Oracle from Delphi. Delphi is one of the most important destinations in Greece, once considered the center of the world. You will have the chance to visit archeological site and admire the theater and the view of the surrounding mountains. You will gain insight into the world of the Ancient Greeks. You can visit the Temple of Apollo and learn all about common ancient rituals and admire the Oracle of Delphi, the most famous oracle of ancient Greece dedicated to the god Apollo and Pythia was the median, which communicated with the god and made the prophecies that were recorded and interpreted by the priests.

After the exploration of the Delphi site, you will discover the stories behind some of the most important artifacts of antiquity in the Museum of Delphi and marvel at the unique bronze Charioteer, the Naxian Sphinx, and the Statue of Antinoos, which provide insight into ancient Greek culture and history.

When you return from the museum and you can enjoy the option to grab lunch at a local restaurant and enjoy delicious Greek cuisine and at the same time enjoy the uniqueness of the landscape, history, and culture in the area, and learn more about the Legend of Zeus releasing two eagles.

Finally, you can sit back and relax on the drive back to your accommodation in Athens.

Car Wifi All transportation in destination location
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