Delfi is one of the most famous and important destinations in Greece, as it is considered the center of the world. First of all in the course of our journey we will visit the Monastery of Saint Lucas. It is one of the most important monuments of Middle Byzantine art and architecture and is included on the
UNESCO World Heritage list. Then we will cross colorful villages and stop at the beautiful city of Arachova where we’ll find one of the most famous skiresorts. The atmosphere is picturesque.

Finally we will arrive at Delphi, where you can visit the archaeological site, the museum, the stadium and admire the Oracle of Delphi.The Oracle of Delphi was the most famous oracle of ancient Greece. After returning from the museum you will have the option to grab lunch at a local restaurant, of Greek delicious cuisine.

It is a tour in which you will enjoy the uniqueness of the landscape and our history and culture.
In Delfi, it was thought that the point where it was built was the center of the world, because according to legend when Zeus released two eagles, one to the east and one to the West, they met at Delphi. The oracle of Delfi was dedicated to the god Apollo. Pythia was the median, which communicated
with the god and and made the prophecies, which were recorded and interpreted by the priests.

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We leave Athens by crossing the highway to Thebes.

Visit the Monastery of Saint Lucas

First thing in the course of our journey is to visit the Monastery of Saint Lucas.


Village of Arachova

We will continue via Thebes, Levadia and the picturesque village of Arachova on the slopes of the splendid mountain Parnassus.


Visit Delphi

We will arrive in Delphi and visit the archaeological site (the oracle of Delphi the stadium , the Temple of Apollo).


Return to Athens

Saint Lucas Monastery
Delphi 2
Delphi 3